We understand the importance of being in a smaller setting with friends to stregthen and encourage one another in Christ. So, we encourage you to get connected with one of our Sunday groups. We have a variety of options for Couples, Families or Senior Adults. To get more information or connected to any of the below groups, click the digital Groups link below.

Middle + High Students

Billy & Twila Williamson

- Bible study for all students in middle and high school

- Sunday's at 9:30am

- the Venue

Parenting Class

Pastor Lynn Miller

- Study on becoming a Different King of Parent. 

- Sunday's at 9:30am

- Room 213b

JCWay Kids

JCWay Group Leader Team

- Kid Centered Bible Study

- Sunday's at 9:30am

- Various Rooms

Click Here to see what classes we offer:


Prime Time

Donnis & Connie Steele

- Bible Study for all ages

- Sunday's at 9:30am

- Room: Fellowship Commons

Brave Hearts

Brock Wilkins

- Bible Study for ages 50's and 60's

- Sunday's at 9:30am

- Room: 109 (main lobby)

Prayer, Praise & Prophecy

Brother Don Slider

- Bible Study for ages 50's and 60's

- Sunday's at 9:30am

- Room: 108 (main lobby)

Morning Wings

Janice Morris

- Bible Study for women of all ages

- Sunday's at 9:30am

- Room: 210 (upstairs)

Spanish-English Class

Emily Bryson

- Study of God's word in Spanish and English. Translation is available in both languages.

- Sunday's at 9:30am

- Room: 212 (upstairs)

Service Prayer

Rosemary Brewer

- Intercessory Prayer during Service

- Sunday's at 10:30am

- Prayer Room