Midweek groups at church are a great way to get refreshed in your soul to finish out the week. We have something for everyone in the family! Get connected with one of our Midweek Groups. Sign up below.

Liberty Youth

Middle + High Students

Pastor Kolton & Savannah Sosebee

- Youth service for Middle and High Students

- Wednesday's at 7pm

- the Venue

Liberty Kidz Choir

JCWay Kidz Choir Team

- Praise and worship for Kids K-5th Grade

- Wednesday's at 6:30pm

- JCWay Studio

Worship & Arts

Pastor Devin and Stephanie Adams

- Worship and Orchestra Practice

- Wednesday's

   Orchestra at 7pm in the Sanctuary

   Choir at 7pm in the Choir Suite

JCWay Kids Midweek

Pastor Lynn Miller and Team

- Bible Study for ages K-5th Grade

- Wednesday's at 7pm

- Various Classrooms

Click HERE for more info.

Open Arms PreSchool

Mrs. Kim Haney

- Nursery for ages birth-PreK

- Wednesday's at 7pm

- Nursery

Flourish Ladies Ministry

Pastor Jennifer King

- Bible Study for ladies of any age

- Tuesday's at 10am

- Wednesday's at 7pm

- Fellowship Commons

Available Blessings

Jack Bailey

- Bible Study for all ages

- Wednesday's at 7pm

- Room: 108 (main lobby)