Liberty Seniors

Senior Adult Group

The Liberty Square Seniors (LSS) is a group representing those who are 55+.  Liberty Seniors are actively involved in multiple ministries at the Church and are a strong, stable group that brings great value to the church.  Liberty Seniors enjoy monthly events and activities.  Fun, food and fellowship characterize our times together.  The annual tour is another primary event that some choose to take advantage of.  The Liberty Seniors will travel somewhere in the US and Canada each year and together we have a wonderful time.

Meetings Once Per Month

Various Locations

Follow our Liberty Seniors page on Facebook for weekly encouragement from Pastor Dale, pictures from all of our events and all up to date information.

Pastor Dale + Donnette Murray


Becoming a Better Advocate for Your Loved One

Wednesday, May 19th, 2pm-4pm

Fellowship Commons

Our next ASK Workshop is coming up! In this workshop you will:

- Learn what is needed to be a health care advocate

- Discover the benefits of recordkeeping.

- Look at six important areas of recordkeeping

- Get tips on how to make the most of your face-to-face time with your physician:

- Become familiar with how to identify what assistance is needed and the level as assistance needed

- Gain valuable insight into scheduling a family meeting to get the help you need.

- Find out what Palliative and Hospice care means and be better able to determine if those services could be useful for your situation.