We have an amazing team of volunteers who love to help disciple others in their walk with Jesus. 

We strive to build a comfortable environment for people to grow closer to God and become followers of Jesus.


Pastor Kolton Sosebee

"The Union"

The Union is a safe place where all middle and high school students can come fellowship, have fun, and develop a relationship with Jesus. The Union is a family of students that can do life together and grow together as we get closer to God in our walk with Him.

Date/Time: Wednesdays - 7 pm

Location: The Factory 

Childcare: Yes



Children's leadership


JCWay Ministry teams rotate every 6 weeks, providing an opportunity for each grade schooler to experience different service areas in ministry. Children will be able to choose from Jr. Bible Quiz, Prayer, Praise, Puppet, Drama, Media and Helping Hands teams, all led by adult leaders.

Date/Time: Wednesdays - 7 pm 

Location: JCWay Studios and classrooms

Childcare: Yes

Jack Bailey

"Victory Bringing Words"

Words that bring Victory over life's battles and trials can be found in Scripture. Our goal in this class is to form a Victory Vocabulary. Join us for a great time in the Word.

Date/Time: Wednesdays - 7 PM 

Location: Room 213B

Childcare: Yes

Jack and Jenny Gabel

"Healing Prayer"

If you need any kind of healing in your life, someone at Liberty Square is ready to pray for you. Whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, we believe that God still works miracles today. Training takes place from 6-7 PM. Prayer for those who need healing will be from 7-8 PM.

Date/Time: Wednesdays

Location: Room 110 

Childcare: Yes

Jeff Arnold

"Prayer at Liberty Square"

A strong prayer life is key to success in both dealing with the challenges of this life and just simply connecting with God. Come be a part of this weekly time of prayer from 7-8 PM.

Date/Time: Wednesdays

Location: Room 107 

Childcare: Yes

Amy Covington

"Finding Food Freedom"

God gives us richly all things to enjoy, including food, but many of us are struggling to lose excess weight and regain our good health. The "Finding Food Freedom" class provides weekly support and encouragement for reaching these goals while focusing on Jesus, the One Who sets us free. 

Weekly we will:
*Have an encouraging devotional
*Try delicious healthy recipes
*Learn how to have healthy eating habits

*Support, encourage and pray for each other

Date/Time: Wednesdays - 6 PM 

Location: Room 213A

Childcare: Yes


Jennifer King


Description: Join Jennifer King for a Study Making Room For The Sabbath with Priscilla Shirer

Date/Time: Tuesdays 10 AM

Location: Room 109 


Bron and Buffi Stanley

"Committed Couples"

Description:  Married couples in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who are dedicated to building solid relationships based on kingdom principles so that marriages and families thrive in every way in order to impact our world as representatives of Christ on earth.

Date/Time: Monthly on Friday from 7-8:30 PM

Location: Various 

Childcare: Yes


Scott & Melanie Moore

"Blaze"We are on Fire for GOD

Couples and Singles Ages 40's, 50's & 60's

We will cover communication conflicts, lifestyles and busyness, and what being heart healthy for God means. We have several event nights planned including a night of Old Time Gospel Singing and Worship. Bring a Bible and a notebook and join us as we dig into the Word of God!

Date/Time: Bi-Weekly on Sundays at 6 PM

Location: Various 

Childcare: No

Gregory & Ruth King

"Climbing Higher After the Lord"

open to everyone ages 12-70

This group will meet and enjoy an outdoor hike together as they study God’s Word and spend time praying for each other’s needs. The group will meet at various locations that will be determined by the group leader and communicated to the group on a weekly basis. 

Date/Time: Tuesday/Saturday 

Location: Various 

Childcare: No

Tamara Bain & Rachel Shadle

"Moms & Munchkins"

moms with newborns to elementary age kids

Growing and learning together in the fun times and hard times of being a mom. Prayer, support, honesty, laughter, raw conversations, and supporting each other in this exciting role God has blessed us with!!!

Date/Time: Meets 3rd Thursday every month at 9:30 AM 

Location: Tamara Bain's House

Childcare: No



Chris & Tammy Carnes

"Crossroads" open to parents of all ages

We all face crossroads…constantly; but are we choosing the roads that point us to Jesus and the Cross? At Crossroads we will mature in our Christian walk by learning to trust the Holy Spirit as our guide when choosing the right road to follow.

Date/Time: Monthly on Saturdays – 5-6:30 PM

Location: Home of Chris & Tammy Carnes

Childcare: No

Jeff Lane

"Men's Bible Study" 

Open to all men

A Small group bible study for men interested in growing in the knowledge of God and becoming vessels of honor, meet for the Master's use.

Date/Time: Bi-weekly on Thursdays at 7 PM

Location: Fellowship Commons

The Church at Liberty Square 

Childcare: No



Chris Hale

"Open Gym" Open to 18+

Come out for a fun evening of basketball and a time of prayer.

Date/Time: Mondays at 6 to 9 PM 

Location: Gym

Childcare: No

Soft Aerobics for Seniors 
Leader: Emily Bryson 

Light aerobics, devotion, coffee, water, and snacks.

We will also go to lunch together on a monthly basis.

Location: Gym
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Thursday

Randall Peters

"Spiritual Fitness" single men and women ages 50+

An in-depth study of Psalm 119 focused on engaging the group to grow from a deeper understanding of God’s Word.  We will learn to 'flex our spiritual muscles' in our search for wisdom--by 'in all our getting, get understanding' as admonished in the Book of Proverbs.

Date/Time: Wednesdays at 7 PM 

Location: The Church at Liberty Square

Childcare: Yes

Kristina Garlinghouse

"Warrior Within"

Women only 20+

Currently going through the book “The Esther Anointing” by Michelle McClain- Walters.

Just as in biblical times, God is positioning women today and giving them divine opportunities to influence the culture for His kingdom. The Esther Anointing gives you keys to Esther's success.

The Esther story could be your story. It doesn't matter where you came from, or what skills and talents you have; when you let Him, God can use your life for His glory.

Date/Time: Fridays 10 AM

Location: Room 108

Michelle Cain

"Beauty from Ashes" for Single Moms of all ages

Psalm 30:11-12  There is beauty beyond the ashes and dancing after the rain.

Do you ever wonder how you make it through the day juggling jobs, children, singleness, fatigue day in and day out?  "Beauty from Ashes" is a new single mom's small group that will bring healthy balance to the chaos in your life with the use of devotionals, scripture, and prayer. Come experience a growing relationship in Christ while deepening friendships and journeying with likeminded moms who desire to live life beyond the ashes and grow in the beauty of a single mom's world.

Date/Time: 1st and 3rd Mondays every month at 6:30 PM

Location: TBD  Childcare: Provided


Twenty Somethings,

Young Adults ages 18-29 
Leader: Amanda Hale 

Life Group for men and women. This class strives to connect through prayer for one an­other's spiritual needs while enjoying social gatherings & encouraging each other to main­tain their identity in Christ.

Location: Room 214 C 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday 


Committed, 20s, 30s and 40s couples 
Leaders: Bron and Buffi Stanley 

Young Couples enjoy topical Bible studies focused on marriage and raising families in God's Word. This class connects through family events held several times a year. Location: Room 213 A 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday 



Prime Time, ages 40s & 50s 
Leaders: Donnis & Connie Steele

"Through the Bible" study with a Family Emphasis. The connectivity occurs both during the class breakfast time and the varied off-campus events.

Location: Fellowship Commons A 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday 




Bravehearts, ages 50s and 60s 
Leader: Greg Hall

Topical Bible Study with an emphasis on staying personally connected and praying for one another's needs. The class endeavors to reach out to the community through partnering with the church in several Bartow County projects.

Location: Room 109

Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday

C.S.I. Christians Seeking Instruction
Leader: Keith & Terri Brooks

Christians Seeking Instruction - Choir "Through the Bible" study with a focus on spiritual attention towards those who lead in worship each week.

Location: Choir Suite 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday


Praise, Prayer and Prophecy (P3), ages 50s and 60s 
Leaders: Don & Martha Slider

"Through the Bible" study with an emphasis on prayer for one another's needs. This class aims to encourage one another through weekday calls and special events.


Location: Room 213 B 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday




Word Spoken 
Leader: Randall Peters

Topical Bible Study with practical training to learn more of God's Word by heart. The class endeavors to create care-groups devoted to community for senior adult singles and couples. Attendees are committed to Body Ministry that releases greater power when two or more saints agree together in prayer.

Location: Room 171
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday 


Fellowship Class, ages 70s & 80s 
Leader: Pastor James Eller

One big caring family. "Through the Bible" study takes place as well as great personal care for each other, including home visits and personal phone calls through

the week.

Location: Room 108 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday


One Spirit 
Leaders: Mark & Nellie Hibbard 

"Through the Bible" study takes place for individuals and families who wish to be a part of the church as One Mind, One Body, One Spirit and One Family in Christ. Unity and Evan­gelism are emphasized.

Location: Room 209 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday 



Morning Wings 
Leader: Janice Morris 

Women's "Through the Bible" study with an emphasis on encouragement and acceptance into the body of Christ. The class enjoys special events and seasonal activities focused on ministry to one another as well as those outside of the church walls.

Location: Room 210 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday


Spanish - English Small Group 
Leader: Emily Bryson 

Come astudy God's word in Spanish and English. Translation is available in both languages.

Location: Room 212 
Time: 9:30 AM, Sunday 


Men of Valor

Leader: Jim Tatum and Lamar Bell

A monthly Fellowship for Men of All Ages

Location: The Factory 

Time: 10:00 AM - NOON, First Saturday Monthly


Mighty Warriors: 

Leaders: Ray and Shelia Looney

We meet monthly every second Tuesday

Location: Fellowship Commons