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Summer Series "OPEN HEAVENS"

Sundays at 10:30am

Join us this coming Sunday for the continuation of this series with Dr. Jacob King. He has a passion for us to live in the supernatural power available to us in the OPEN HEAVENS as we learn how to WIN THE SPIRITUAL WAR WITHIN AND WITHOUT.

Do the roots of your faith go deep enough to withstand the harsh climate of current culture?  How can our walk with God deepen and grow so that the stability within is greater than our struggle without?  This series will help you understand and apply the knowledge of Christ so that you can stand firm in your faith.

God has always used ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This study of the behind-the-scenes people of scripture will inspire you to live a life of significance. Your life counts, your obedience matters, and the world is better when God’s power works through your weakness!


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